From chilling to reading to working with your tablets and laptops and meeting with friends, coffee shops are always a go-to place for customers.

It’s not just about the tasty coffee that delights customers but also about the interior that engages guests. It gives comfort and urges them to become your regular customer.

So, whether you’re putting up a coffee shop business or just upgrading the design and interior painting, it’s always a smart idea that you come up with this project.

It creates an alluring space to improve your coffee shop business.

With that in mind, here are seven ideal interior painting color designs for a coffee shop in Denver, CO.

1. Brown 

Brown is known to many as an earthy color. This color helps guests to relax and feel at home and comfortable in a coffee shop.

This color also gives customers a sense of stability and support — making them want to go back and become repeat customers.

That said, the color brown interior painting is ideal for coffee shops. It could also work for contemporary restaurants, bistros, and cafes.

2. Blue

Blue is perhaps a color that restaurants should avoid. It could make the customers lose their appetites, as blue is not commonly found naturally in food.

However, the shades of blue walls work well for coffee shops. It makes customers thirsty and looking for something to drink.

It emanates the ambiance of a coffee shop that delights your regular customers. It also creates a comforting atmosphere during the evening because blue gives a gentle contrast from the darkness.

3. Gray Shade

Modern coffee shops nowadays consider industrial themes. It’s a warehouse, factory, and industrial spaces-inspired theme – usually exposed to architecture, pipes, brick, and iron reinforcements.

Since it’s about metal accents, gray or darker tones would be the ideal wall painting color. The color seems natural and bare when you look at it, but it has that metal accent.

4. Pure White or Cream

Modern-style interior painting designs for coffee shops gained popularity in the 1st half of the 20th century.

The main principle of this design is to follow a function — meaning, every decoration and furniture of your coffee shop must be simple, with an intentional and practical purpose.

Your coffee shop will look clean and organized, even with crips lines and smooth surfaces. It may lack intricate details, but it blends well to become comfortable and sophisticated.

And, given that it’s a neutral color, it can balance out with vivid and bold accessories – like sofa, pillows, and even abstract art.

5. Pastel or Faded Colors 

Colors such as burgundy, light orange, peach, and mustard yellow are pastel colors ideal for coffee shop interior painting designs.

These colors are ideal when you’re visioning a vintage coffee shop. It draws inspiration from the past and could include different styles from decades ago.

Pastel or faded colors draw a charming and romantic atmosphere. But, of course, you may also put on vintage accents and wallpaper. And what’s good about pastel and faded colors is that you can customize your coffee shop based on your desires.

6. Tan 

If you’re planning to have a rustic theme and interior design for your coffee shop, you may have tan or neutral colors for your wall painting.

The color tan is perfect for farmhouse and country décor. It blends well with some coffee shops with a rustic theme and lots of elements of nature.

This color emphasizes a rugged beauty that looks good on a coffee shop interior. However, it only shows that colors with a rugged impression could still look classy and fine.

7. Black 

Lastly, black is often perfect for a coffee shop’s interior painting design. A dark color is excellent to give customers a romantic and intimate setting.

It’s perfect for modern and trendy coffee shops. However, if you use too dark colors, it might make the space feel claustrophobic and quite scary.

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