Epoxy Flooring

EmeraldPro Painting Epoxy Flooring

EmeraldPro Painting Epoxy Flooring

The popularity of epoxy flooring has shifted from commercial and industrial purposes to being a great choice for many residential applications. Modern epoxy floors are better suited for residential applications as opposed to bare concrete.                                                                    

Although we often think of traditional concrete flooring as being a solid and impenetrable slab, in reality concrete is quite porous and absorbs water, oil, grease, and other types of liquids that stain and weaken the surface and composition beneath.

Aside from absorbing liquids, traditional concrete is extremely brittle under many environmental conditions. Even when it is relatively new, concrete can be chipped, cracked, and broken by even light stresses.

Epoxies protect the interior concrete from liquid intrusion. Rather than absorbing moisture and dirt, epoxy surfaces can simply be cleaned without risking damage. An epoxy surface also protects concrete flooring from regular wear and tear.

Modern epoxy comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, just like interior paint. The type of color scheme you have in mind for your garage or other inside working areas, we will be able to work with you to create a flooring plan that matches your creative vision.

Epoxy provides a long life of showroom quality gleam and cleanliness to your garage and other work spaces at home. Epoxy finishes are particularly easy to keep clean, and they maintain their excellent fit and finish over time. You can easily maintain spotlessly clean epoxy surfaces anywhere in your home or office, allowing you to remain pest-free and maintain a healthy work environment.

Modern epoxy flooring is environmentally friendly, since it is designed and manufactured with solvent-free chemicals and is free of hazardous, volatile organic compounds. In addition to reducing energy costs, epoxy flooring is typically at least three times as reflective as ordinary concrete, thereby improving both interior lighting and heating efficiency.

In addition to providing a more comfortable and durable surface, epoxy flooring is also safer than traditional concrete flooring. As opposed to concrete, epoxy is laid in place as a continuous surface without the grout lines and crevices that can collect debris and pose a tripping hazard. It is naturally more pliable than concrete and provides a cushion for dropped objects that might otherwise damage the aggregate surface. A non-slip finish is available for epoxy flooring, making it a safer alternative to traditional concrete flooring.

If you are interested in epoxy flooring for your home, EmeraldPro Painting is your trusted professional partner for the full project. We provide state-of-the-art flooring and provide the best customer service in the industry. Please contact us if you wish for us to inspect your flooring surfaces and discuss your options for new epoxy flooring. Contact us today for a free estimate.