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EmeraldPro Painting Wallpaper Removal

EmeraldPro Painting Wallpaper Removal
You may have seen movies or TV shows where families decide to re-do their homes as a fun DIY project. A woman with her hair tied back, wearing a bandana as a headband and her overall-clad husband, picking at the wall with a razor-edge scraper for half an episode. Then when we check back in on the family later, the entire house is redecorated, and everyone shares a laugh over lemonade.
We're here to tell you; life isn't always like TV. It is seldom the case to enjoy a hassle-free DIY wallpaper removal project. Often homeowners underestimate all that's involved in removing wallpaper properly. When done improperly, you could end up permanently damaging the walls. When it's done right, though, a wallpaper free space can completely change the feeling of a room, making it seem more open, clean, and fresh. 
It's not recommended to paint or apply new wallpaper over an existing layer. It's hard to know how many layers of paper were put up initially. Over time, the paper can form tiny bubbles, small tears, wrinkles, and other imperfections that will show through if you throw another layer of paper on top of it. Instead of trying to hide the old wallpaper by covering it up, it's best to start completely fresh.
Removing wallpaper without professional equipment and expertise can lead to a DIY nightmare. Don't become one of those "Pinterest fails" that go around the internet, where someone is attempting a cool project and ends up instead with a lumpy mess. In a perfect world, the paper would just peel off, like the back of a sticker. Unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth. Instead, it's more like a sticker that's deteriorated in water, where the layers instead peel apart rather than coming up together. If you pick at it without knowing how to use your tools properly, you could end up scraping the wall or even putting a hole in it.
Professionals not only have years of experience knowing the best way to tackle particularly stubborn wallpaper, but we also have special tools that help ensure the job gets done as efficiently, precisely, and gently as possible. Rather than solely scraping away all day, we'll enlist the help of a steamer or high-grade concentrates to help loosen the paper up. Our licensed technicians know how to incorporate these methods safely.
The experts at EmeraldPro Painting have been doing this exact sort of work for many years. We recognize the best way to quickly and safely get rid of any wallpaper, no matter how awkward the angle or how old the building. We believe wholeheartedly in ensuring every job we do goes above and beyond expectations. Our goal is to leave each customer satisfied and absolutely wowed at a new look to their home or office that will bring them joy each time they see it. That's why we have faith in our work and offer a two-year warranty on our services. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a professional painting contractor.