7 Stylish Colors for Your Ceiling in Treasure Valley, ID

When it comes to deciding the interior design of your house, you probably spend hours figuring out which among the stylish colors is best for your walls.

In that case, while you’re too busy for your walls, you sometimes forget about your ceiling.

Most of the time, white is the safest and perhaps the most straightforward choice for painting the ceiling.

Little did you know, there are lots of stylish colors that you can choose for your ceiling that will surely enhance the beauty of your home.

With that in mind, here are the seven stylish colors for your ceiling in Treasure Valley, ID.

1. Charcoal Gray 

Shades of grey are the trend when you want that minimalist style for your home.

And if your room comes with natural light, you want to have that elegant touch to your home, and painting your ceiling with something dark and natural color can never go wrong.

Though gray may not be an obvious color for your ceiling, this color would still look stylish if it is in the right setting.

This color may tend to lower or higher your ceiling, as well as create an intimate feel in your home.

2. Greige 

Greige is probably an unfamiliar color to you, but it’s a mixture of beige and grey colors – making a great neutral color not just for the walls but the ceilings as well.

The color complements well in everything and allows the style of your home and furniture to stand out.

This is why experts recommend this color to achieve that warm undertone and ensure that the ceiling would still look nice and stylish.

3. Yellow 

The point is, it’s very hard to ignore our yellow ceilings as it stands out and reveal their color.

If the color of your ceiling is yellow, you just have to pair it up with wall colors that are not too loud.

Perhaps you can use neutral colors like gray for the walls to help you highlight the yellow color of the ceiling.

And since yellow can be bright, you have to choose a shade that is not too bright but still keeps good energy in the room and turn an ordinary space into truly ecstatic.

4. Gold or Bronze

You may also make a dramatic statement to your ceiling without making it look too bright or bold.

With that, why not go for bronze and gold colors that are not too warm while keeping up a cozy feel?

It gives a bright and lively feeling to the room and keeps you active.

5. Sage

These days, interior walls, siding, and even ceilings come in sage colors, and there is always a good reason for it.

This color comes in a green hue and can add great color to your home’s interior without getting too loud for the place.

The color promotes tranquility, and it is often relaxing and spectacular, especially with other colors like beige, brown, or white.

6. Red

While white can be a safe color for the ceiling, the opposite red color at the end of the scale pursues a striking, confident, and dramatic feeling.

When your ceiling is red, it will turn a dull room into something special, especially when the room is filled with natural light.

Also, keep in mind that not all ceilings in red need to be too red.

Perhaps you can pair it with gray or white walls to bring down the tone of red to burgundy for a not too loud effect.

7. White

Lastly, white is always a common and safest white color, as it never goes out of style.

It’s everyone’s favorite because it reflects light on point, gives a depth illusion, and has a visual stop point.

It’s very easy to use and remains consistent for the coming years.

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