7 Color Rules to Consider for Apartments and Condominiums in Englewood, CO

Modern apartment and condo living can be boring to some. As an owner, the moment you walk on a bare condo unit, you’ll get to visualize what color you’re going to paint on the walls.

Perhaps you’re thinking about all-white color to make your apartment look larger. However, this can be a common misconception for small spaces, and sticking to only one color is limiting.

The truth is, choosing the best shades of colors for the walls of apartments or condos can be a bit tricky, most especially if the place is small.

You need to choose a color that would create a very inviting space with elegance and style—knowing its little size. Your only goal is to make it appealing to the eye despite the limited space.

With that in mind, here are the seven color rules to consider for apartments and condominiums in Englewood, CO.

1. Color the Accents 

You can always bring color to a radiator or the windowsill and bookshelf to bring depth and excitement to your apartment.

If you have a hall or a foyer, you can just paint it with dark color and ease with lighter shades in your living room. That way, it will make it feel and look spacious.

2. Go for Sharp Colors 

One of the effective ways to expand the space in your condo unit or apartment is to color it with clear colors.

Choose a palette that comes with sharper colors rather than duller ones. Sharp colors mixed with hot reds, yellows and greens, colorful plaids, and even blues will improve the clarity and openness of a space.

3. Come up with a Focal Wall

While interior designers don’t agree to paint your wall colors with deep colors, you should know that it could work with small spaces.

It would be best if you tried on bold colors, as there are times that darker colors on the wall can make the space of your small unit look larger.

4. Go for Bold Color in Your Bathroom

A small apartment space means that your bathroom also has very limited space. With that, go for pastel colors in pink shades, as it will look great in the bathroom.

This color will look nice, especially whenever you look into the mirror and see a rosy and classy complexion. However, for a major effect, you can just increase the scale of this shade.

5. Connect other Spaces through Colors 

Just as the walls divide the apartment into different working areas, different color shades can help unite the rooms in your apartment. It gives a good pattern that is ideal to repeat.

In every small space, connecting the parts of an apartment or condo unit with colors can help complement the style of your mirror or other furniture. It adds up to a consistent space.

6. Never Forget the Kitchen

The kitchens in an apartment or condominiums are always great to add colors. You have your kitchen cabinets where you can have a cabinet refinishing project.

There are hanging cabinets that also add to the design of your small space. It does not only save space, but it could also add glam to your kitchen.

Of course, when you plan on coming up with cabinet refinishing, make sure the colors would complement the walls. You can be bold in painting the walls and go for trendy colors.

7. Elegant Faux Finishes

Artificial finishes and techniques can also add character to the small spaces of your apartment or condominium. Having this could expand the appearance of your space.

You may paint your ceiling with darker colors and extend the same colors down your halls. You may also add metallic stripes in a lighter color to make it look classy.

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