5 Tips and Tricks on How to Get the Eclectic Chic Design to your Bedroom in Treasure Valley, ID

Your bedroom is considered the haven of your home, as it is the part of your home where you stay most of the time, and the eclectic chic design has been one of the most pleasant surprises over the years.

When it comes to designing your bedroom, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t love the eclectic chic design.

At its finest, the eclectic design is a mix of vibrant yet relaxing kind of combinations in which it complements all parts of the room from its décor, styles, linens, patterns, and even colors.

If you want to start something fresh and have your room that eclectic vibe, here are the five tips and tricks on how to get the eclectic chic design to your bedroom in Treasure Valley, ID.

1. Simplicity At Its Finest

If you are one of the few people who are just new to interior designing, then the most basic tip that we can advise is starting simple.

When you talk about eclectic designs, this means your room should have a vibe that is quite vibrant and bright. So, start with the color schemes of your room.

Shades of blue and green are the norms of eclectic designs and compliment any furniture or materials in your room.

Another way of keeping up with the eclectic designs has some botanical inspirations all over your room.

Mix and match some colors of nature should bode well for your eclectic aspirations.

The same goes with your pillows, linens, and sheets, as these will serve as your accents that will take your room to the next level.

2. Go Green And Eco-Friendly

When we say go green, we mean by trying to repurpose or reuse some of your old furniture and hardware left in the storage room.

One way to repurpose them is by painting them with an eclectic color. In this way, you get to recycle products that can still be of use and produce lesser garbage in the process.

From reclaimed wood furniture to repurposing old hardware such as ladders, chairs, and light fixtures.

There are many things you can do to incorporate these old items to achieve that eclectic glow.

Plus, you can save a lot of money in the process and intend that to some important and expensive items.

3. Colorful Combination

The idea of having an eclectic style bedroom is having to mix and match different vibrant colors that will complement the entire room.

Let’s say you want your pillows to have shades of blue, then go for something light-colored in your blankets as well as a vibrant shade in your headboard.

Just be sure that the colors you choose are more cohesive and neutral but should stand out wherever you look at them.

Other designs incorporate the wooden palette that is known to have shades of brown.

Use this as a guide and see whether it will look good in your entire bedroom space.

4. Wallpaper And Vinyl Wraps

Going for an eclectic style means having to stand out and have that pop in the step when guests arrive in your bedroom.

With patterned wallpapers or vinyl wraps, you could argue that this is the simplest way to make your dull-looking room look extravagant and eclectic on a cheaper budget.

Wallpapers are one go-to for people who are constantly changing their rooms.

It is also a cheaper alternative to paint, so why not go for it.

5. Neutrality Is Cool 

Although the concept of eclectic design is by using bold colors, there’s nothing wrong with having different contrasts of colors in your bedroom.

The bed is often made out of wooden materials and will surely have shades of brownish hue to it, combine it with shades of white, and you have yourself an elegant color combination that suits well with any shades across the room.

Combine wooden tones with warm greys, mild blues, and creamy whites.

If this is the route you are taking, you are on the safer side of things in which the ambiance of the entire room isn’t ruined because of too many bright colors.

You can never go wrong with a laid-back eclectic style of a bedroom.

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