We did all the research so you don’t have to! Here’s the verdict on what home design trends we’re seeing take over in the year 2022.


If you’ve been feeling a bit stir crazy in your space and feel ready for a change – you’re certainly not alone! We’ve been inside a lot more lately, and this transition to spending the majority of our time at home is massively impacting design trends. We’re no longer putting up with uncomfortable seating for the sake of style, and we’re saying goodbye to impractical kitchens. Read on to see what’s in store and to get inspired about what to update in your home this year.


Nature Vibes

After spending so much time cooped up at home during the pandemic, we’re seeing a massive movement to bring the outdoors into our living spaces, going well beyond trying to grow our own avocado plants.

Earth tones, and especially browns, are everywhere right now, as well as embracing greens and blues. Nature-inspired surfaces and decor are livening (pun intended) dead spaces, and incorporating woven furniture is a nice way to go natural without bringing an entire jungle inside.

Biophilic design is catching on quickly, with a huge movement to ditch heavy window treatments for the sake of letting all the natural light inside for a little extra Vitamin D Therapy.

(Image Credit – Houzz – Cheryl Freedman Kitchen Tour)

No More Neutrals

The collective are not feeling so neutral about neutrals anymore. If having your family around has made you realize that an all-white kitchen is impossible to keep clean, you are going to love this year’s push toward bringing bolder colors into the palette.

Darker cabinets and stain-proof countertops have many sighing in relief and bringing functionality back into the heart of the home. Gray couches, which have been a versatile staple for the last decade, are also on their way out, as people are opting for warmer tones like camel.


Touchy Textures

A common theme seen in every direction this year consists of bringing in a variety of new textures. Leather is a prime example of the migration to a more earthy design, bringing warmth and an edge of masculinity.

Contrast this with a gentler texture like velvet, which is a popular choice for an accent armchair, and woven furniture creates something interesting for the eye to take in. We’re also seeing people venturing into decorating with different textures and materials, mixing design styles, and bringing more personality into their accent pieces.


(Image Credit – Etsy Reclaimed Furniture, Towel Holder by natuerlichgebraucht)

Sustainability Superstars

Sustainable design is growing in accessibility and popularity. As consumers are turning away from fast furniture en masse, they’re opting instead for better quality pieces intended to stick around for longer and hold up to the test of time. This is a welcome change, as well as seeing more companies switching to more sustainable manufacturing practices.

Another way we’re seeing sustainability come into the home is through vintage and thrifted pieces. Giving furniture a new life with a bit of paint is a great way to upcycle what already exists, or bring a bit of artisan flair into your space for a unique piece that also supports local artists.


(Image Credit: Ogla Ashley Interiors)

Love Your Curves

We are all about embracing the curves, and that’s also extending into home dècor! 2022 is full of curved couches and rounded lines that are softening spaces left and right. Circular end tables topped with spherical sculptures are a nice swap for those harsher lines we’ve gotten accustomed to, and the unexpected emergence of swivel armchairs literally has our heads spinning with all the possibilities!

If you’re not quite sold on all the curves, we suggest starting with an ovular coffee table, or perhaps a rounded accent pillow. 3D wall art is also a great place to start, as this instantly adds depth and texture in a playful way that can show off your personal style.


(Image Credit – Simon Bevan)

Be Bold

2022 is your chance to embrace bold new beginnings. Vibrant wallpapers continue to dominate in popularity, as well as statement backsplashes full of patterns, colors, and character. Black accents create depth and ground those bold colors, tying them into earthy or moody color palettes.

Lighting is also getting a makeover this year, as we’re starting to see statement lighting fixtures that demand attention and transform the mood of the space. Previously overlooked, it’s clear that lighting should be taking center stage in any design plans this year.


(Image Credit – David Tsay)

Outdoor Living

As we’ve been utilizing our homes more than ever during the pandemic, making the most of outdoor spaces is on everybody’s minds. Outdoor furniture is more functional, beautiful, and comfortable than ever, as we’ve collectively started taking advantage of the previously underappreciated backyard patio. Entertaining outside is a popular pastime these days, and this is reflected in creating welcoming spaces outdoors where friends and family can relax, play, and connect.

(Image Credit – Bright/Bazaar)

Get Cozy

Being inside so much lately has many people realizing that perhaps their open-layout home is not so conducive to actually being lived in. With remote work and online school pushing families on top of each other, the need for privacy is being reflected in intentional design decisions.

This is taking the form of creating smaller spaces, such as reading nooks and private workspaces. With these smaller spaces comes the opportunity to make bolder design choices, such as busy wallpaper or a bold wall color that would otherwise be overwhelming in a large space.

Smaller rooms are great for getting cozy, with lots of plush textiles, playing with layered textures, and fresh accent pillows that make any sized space inviting.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re loving or hating the latest 2022 home interior decor trends, it’s clear that this year is all about making our living spaces better suited for spending extra time together and using color as a therapeutic tool for bringing a bit of joy and energy back into our lives.


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