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Think She Sheds are nothing more than a glorified shed? Let us change your mind. 

She Sheds first arrived on the scene a few years ago, and they have evolved into truly personalizable retreats, completely custom-fitted to whatever your heart can dream of. Although you love your family, sometimes you just need a space that’s all yours, and the She Shed is the ultimate solution. Whether you need a quiet place to study or more room for all your hobby supplies, a She Shed is up for the challenge.

The great thing about She Sheds is that they can work for any space and any budget, and the magic happens when you add your own personal style to this private space. Here are a few ideas to get you started:



(Image Sources - Cotton Stem (left), Alice in Scandiland (right))


Imagine being able to work without any interruptions in a secluded office space, complete with abundant natural light, a plush rug you can sink your toes into, and maybe even a hidden candy stash hidden in the desk drawer.


Craft Room

(Image Sources - Sally Floss (left), House Beautiful (right))

Craft Room

Bask in a state of flow, your creative juices running freely as you practice your trade of choice, with all your supplies within an arm’s reach. No more hunting for your good scissors, which are tucked safely away in their designated spot, away from kiddos cutting paper snowflakes or husbands snipping raw chicken.



(Image Sources - Sturdi-Built (left), Raney Chambers (right))


Create your own Eden in a glass-faced She Shed, surrounded by the floral fragrance of your preferred plants that you tend to year-round. Take an afternoon nap in the hammock, lulled to sleep by the rhythmic pitter patter of raindrops hitting the roof. Or, cozy up with a soft blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate as you watch the snowflakes swirling around your little cocoon, enjoying perfect 360 panoramic views.



(Image Sources - Backyard Buildings (left), Decor Facil (right))

Meditation Oasis

Breathe in…breathe out….Escape to your private zen sanctuary, leaving all your troubles at the door. Work up a sweat doing downward dog, or keep things chill as you listen to soothing Tibetan singing bowls via the bluetooth speaker, letting peace wash over you.



(Image Sources - French Country Cottage (left), Lillie Jane (right))


Bury your nose in a good book, undisturbed for hours, listening to the birds singing in the distance. This is sure to be your favorite place to let your imagination run wild, traveling through the pages to far away places from the comfort of a plush seat kept warm by your trusty 4-legged companion.



Final Thoughts

You deserve a space that’s all yours, where you’re free to be your authentic self. When you’ve got the structure up and you’re ready to paint, give EmeraldPro a call and let us help make your She Shed into the YOU-asis of your dreams.