Pros and Cons of Applying Oil-Based Paint to Your Kitchen Cabinets in Cornelius, NC

Painting the whole new look of your kitchen cabinet transforms the entire look of your house.

While there are many options available for the type of paint, perhaps the one that wins your heart is oil-based paint for the kitchen cabinets.

People prefer this paint as it’s more durable than water-based paint.

However, there are some factors to consider when choosing oil-based paint for kitchen cabinets.

With that in mind, here are the pros and cons of applying oil-based paint to your kitchen cabinets in Cornelius, NC.

Pros of Oil-Based Paints 

1. Long-lasting 

One good thing about oil-based paints is that it’s proven to last forever.

You never have to worry about your cabinets wearing out so easily because, with oil-based paints, the paint of your cabinets would be very durable.

2. Could Withstand Scrubbing and Cleaning 

Oil-based paints for cabinets are very easy to clean.

The surfaces would be easy to clean, especially if you keep on opening them with sticky and greasy hands.

You can just scrub residue right away without worrying about dirt and dulling the surface, but of course, you just have to clean it regularly to maintain its cleanliness and make its colors last.

More so, oil-based paints could turn yellowish over time, so it’s better if you clean them thoroughly to maintain their beauty.

3. Good Wood Grain Coverage 

One good thing about oil-based paints is that they can cover the wood very well, and even a single coat could be enough.

Oil-based paints are stained resistant, so the surface could tolerate any wear and tear in the future.

It adheres well enough to the wood surface, which allows the paint to be applied smoothly.

That way, it would create a high gloss finish, so there will be no spray or strokes of brush visible to the cabinets.

4. Only Require Few Coating 

Another advantage of choosing oil-based paint for your home kitchen cabinets is that it only requires fewer coats without fading fast.

That way, it saves you a lot of money on buying the coat, just to make your kitchen cabinets nice and new.

Cons of Oil-based Paints

1. Takes a Longer to Dry 

While applying paint to cabinets can be smooth using oil-based paints, it’s going to take long hours to dry.

It would take about 16 hours to dry and long.

The kitchen cabinet does not have good air circulation; that may end up days of waiting to dry the paint.

That’s why oil-based paints are best applied in a very controlled and well-ventilated area, like a painting facility that is separate from your home.

2. High levels of VOC 

Oil-based paints are known to release volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs – that’s why it’s not eco-friendly.

These compounds are high in numbers, and they can cause eye, nose, or even throat irritations.

What’s worse is that it may cause shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, and long-term effects.

Also, it’s going to be dangerous to use oil-based paints that are high in VOCs near spices, foods, and your utensils.

3. Strong Fumes

The fumes of oil-based paint are very strong; that’s why it smells really bad and is even difficult to bear.

It emits a strong chemical odor while you paint and dry, so you need to wear a mask when you paint, for the odor may linger in your home for weeks or more.

4. Limited Choice of Color 

Also, when you choose oil-based paints, you should know that there are only a few colors to choose from.

So, if you have the desired color, then consider that colors can be limited, and it’s not like any paints that come in different colors.

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