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Sometimes, we have to make our own luck.

Many cultures throughout the world believe in lucky charms that can attract good fortune and abundance. Consider adding these lucky tokens around your home and maybe it’ll increase your odds of winning the lottery?

front door

Paint your front door

In Feng Shui, painting your front door a lucky color invites good energy and opportunities to flow into the home. Depending on what direction your front door faces, picking the right color could enhance certain traits for all residing in your household.

  • North: Blue or Black

    • Traits: Good energy and strong relationships with others

  • South: Red or Orange

    • Traits: Warmth, passion, inspiration, and draw attention

  • East: Brown or Green

    • Traits: Balance, stability, growth, and new opportunities

  • West: Gray or White

    • Traits: Joy, communication, and travel


Money tree

Plant a money tree

Ok, so maybe money trees don’t actually exist (or do they?), but plants inside the home are seen by many as a token of growth and prosperity.

Usher in luck and abundance with a real “money tree” (Pachira) which is thought to be a lucky plant due to its unique clusters of 5 leaves and its braided trunk.


Fruits of your labor

Fruits of your labor

Fruits are often considered to be signs of prosperity and abundance, making this the yummiest good luck charm of them all!

  • A bowl of fruit could be good for your health and your wallet. The Chinese revere citrus fruits like tangerines, pomelos, and oranges as being lucky.

Pomegranates and grapes are also considered by some cultures to ward off back luck, attract abundance, and even enhance fertility (be careful with that last one!).


Lucky duck

Lucky duck

Several animals are thought to be good omens, and some are luckier than others.

  • Elephants are considered a symbol of good luck, harmony, and wisdom across multiple cultures, and their raised trunk will supposedly shower riches on all who walk past. 
  • Hanging an iron horseshoe above the doorway is an old superstition, thought to capture good luck and fortune. Although there’s an ongoing debate about whether the ends should be pointing up or down, the belief is that ends pointing up captures the good luck. 
  • Ladybugs - which are thought to be very lucky if they land on you - as well as spotting a dragonfly or a cricket, could mean a large check may be on its way to you soon! Hanging a picture of a dragonfly on the wall probably won’t win you the powerball, but it also won’t hurt your chances, either.


commen cents

Use common cents

“Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long, you’ll have good luck.”

  • Face-up pennies and Chinese I-Ching coins are considered lucky, and so are…piggy banks? In Germany, piggy banks are associated with good luck, and often given as a gift on New Year’s and birthdays. You could say the Germans are quite literally bringing home the bacon.

A money corner in the living room is a common practice of Feng Shui thought to be good for your financial health. To make a money corner, identify the wealthiest spot in your home - which is the corner diagonally across from the entrance of your living room. If you have more than one corner to choose from, choose the corner that it’s farthest from the entrance, and is preferably against a solid wall. In this corner, put a wealth enhancer, such as a money jar, a prosperity bowl - or even a piggy bank - to get the cash flowing!


Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Whether you believe superstitions or not, redecorating our space can symbolize new beginnings and bring about a fresh start.

Ready to paint your front door a lucky color? Schedule a free quote today with EmeraldPro to get started.