As spring approaches, many of us are focused on the appearance of our homes. It’s a great time to consider exterior painting—something that does not require anyone to enter the interior of your home. Giving your home a fresh, updated exterior painting can do wonders. A new coat of paint revitalizes and accentuates the beauty of your home. It acts as a sealant and protective barrier, improving durability and insulating your home against weather and environmental damages. It enhances curb appeal and raises your home’s property value. It can even discourage pests and repel bugs. Did you know that wasps don’t like the color blue? It provides benefits for you and your family on a personal, mental level as well. Taking pride and satisfaction in the appearance of our homes is an instinctive feeling we all share. Those emotions boost our levels of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, making us feel happy, peaceful, and content, and that’s something many of us need more than ever right now.

Exterior paints have come a long way over the years. While there are many brands to choose from, it’s critical to choose a quality paint for your home. Making the mistake of selecting a substandard paint can yield undesirable results and inadequate protection for your home. Versatility, durability, application, coverage, finish, colors and pigments, additives, availability, and primer requirements are all essential factors that contribute to the overall quality of a paint brand.

A good choice for high quality paint is Sherwin-Williams. Consistently ranked as the best brand in the world and number one in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power, Sherwin-Williams is a highly-regarded paint manufacturer. Sherwin-Williams is also an innovator when it comes to color choices. Each year they study current trends and develop new, modern palettes to satisfy anyone’s taste and decor. Some of the hottest, trending colors at the moment are precision-crafted shades of gray, cream, and blue. Here are just a few shades to take note of:

Smoky Azurite – This gorgeous blend of blue, subtle green, and hues of smoky gray is a striking shade that will make you rethink how you feel about using blue as part of your color scheme. It pairs well with off-white, cream, taupe, and cool shades of gray like Sherwin Williams’ Icicle.

Snowbound – This unique shade of off-white is a blend of white, gray, and a hint of beige. It’s a perfect, nuanced balance to shades of gray such as Sherwin Williams’ Colonnade Gray, and an exceptional complement to bolder colors such as Autumn Orchid.

Verde Marrón – This stunning, warm shade of brown is Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Month. With understated influences of red, green, and blue in its depths, its a striking and beautiful natural shade to coordinate with warm, creamy colors such as Muslin and Dirty Martini.

Naval – This deep, dark shade of blue gives the nod to Art Deco and the Roaring 20s while infusing the rich shade with an earthy, natural tone. It is Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year for 2020, recently touted by Southern Living Magazine as “gorgeous,” “vibrant,” and evoking “comfort and serenity.” It goes exceptionally well with whites, golden accents, as well as cool creams and greens.

Color choices are a personal thing, but no matter what you ultimately decide on, it’s also wise to take into consideration the styles, color themes, local ordinances, and architecture of your neighborhood. Although there’s always that house somewhere in your neighborhood where you suspect Bahama Mamas are the preference over Dirty Martinis. Take a look at these interesting homes on Pinterest.

Before you break out the gin and olives (or the maraschino cherries), there’s an even greater decision still to be made beyond paint brands and color choices, and that’s choosing a professional painting company. When it comes to the appearance of your home, there are no better exterior painting professionals than EmeraldPro Painting. Our name literally says it all. With over 20 years of expertise, we have the skills, training, and resources to provide the superior quality paint job your home deserves—no worries, no toil, and no guesswork, just perfect, stunning results. With countless five-star reviews from our clients, affordable pricing, and always-free estimates, it’s the most natural choice to make of all. So, give us a call today and let’s get started.