Maintaining the beauty of your countertops and floors without replacement is an experience few can manage over the life of their home. Under normal use, patterns of wear begin to show over time. Along the way, accidents happen. Scratches, cracks, discoloration, and stains become more prominent and each new defect makes repair or replacement seem that much further away. However, refinishing your existing epoxy countertop or floor is a durable, cost-effective option that adds value to your home for a fraction of the cost.

Beyond just countertops to prepare food and floor to walk upon, their appearance also affects your physical and financial health. A damaged countertop provides spaces for bacteria and fungi, or even an avenue for pests to enter. Over time, foot paths through rooms leave stained and uneven floors that might cause standing water and greater damage over time. Either one of these affects your home’s value.

According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders of 4,000 homebuyers, the condition of your floors and countertops significantly affects your home’s resale value. The same report also mentions the importance of using resilient flooring materials in kitchens and bathrooms to protect older homes from water damage.

Epoxy floor coatings are among the most resilient flooring materials available. In your home, the subfloor is the wood sheets laid over floor joists to provide a flat surface, over which you have your tile, hardwood, or carpet. Sealing that layer with an epoxy resin protects the wood underneath from water damage that can sometimes lead to significant repair bills.

The national average cost homeowners spends $3,000 on having professionals replace their granite kitchen countertops. The comes down for do-it yourselfers. With an average kitchen countertop space of 30 sq.ft. and an average cost of $58/sq.ft., you can cut your costs in half. But, the cost of tools will bring you closer to that national average, and maybe put you over if you need to pay someone to help you lift that countertop. The skill and experience required to take on the job would also prove invaluable. However, the average for resurfacing the same kitchen countertop in epoxy is $300–$500.

What Is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a thick resin that hardens into a finish so smooth that it appears glossy, which makes it perfect to cover visible surfaces too. It can be applied to any flat surface and used to preserve the appearance of wood, linoleum, tile, ceramic, concrete, granite, and more.

Epoxy resin is also available in a variety of colors, which makes an epoxy countertop even more exciting. Techniques used to recolor your countertop can completely change the look of kitchen or bathroom. You are no longer stuck matching paint color around the same two or three colors used in countertops.

Epoxy coatings are incredibly durable. When poured, the resin bonds with the surface by filling the imperfections and sealing itself to the material. Your surfaces become scratch, UV, and shock resistant. Your floors and countertops have a stunning new finish that is impervious to moisture. The resin does not crack or stain, and it limits the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

Suddenly, cleaning becomes a breeze. You are no longer paralyzed with the fear of damage caused by overflowing bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. You have more time to socialize. Your friends come over and want to know about your remodel. Your home’s value goes up.

A Hot Trend And Enduring, Classic Look

Epoxy treated floors and countertops are also becoming a popular choice among home buyers, architects, and interior designers. Budget-minded homeowners are making them more popular than ever. For you, however, epoxy can be a liberating experience, letting you have a full palette to make-up a new color scheme while saving you money on relaced floors and new countertops.

From the garage to the basement, to the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, epoxy protects surfaces while adding class and elegance with a touch of modern flair. It complements any design scheme and comes in a variety of colors to suit your style and preferences.

Not A Good Fit For DIY Projects

Epoxy flooring for protecting your home and updating its look are exciting developments in both construction and home remodeling. Counter tops can always be replaced for a new layout, but a new surface in the garage or a layer protecting the framework of your home is an investment that will be there so long as the building stands. Much less, this article in Better Homes & Gardens makes it look super easy to do with just nine easy steps.

However, we offer some words of caution. While DIY epoxy flooring or even the more involved countertop refinishing might seem like a great weekend project, it can be very technical. Surface preparation involves manually scraping debris and scrubbing with a 32% solution of muriatic—also known as hydrochloric—acid (HCl). This requires safety gear to protect your skin and eyes, much less prevent you inhaling the acid’s aerosolized liquid and gaseous forms.

Though diminished at 32%, hydrochloric acid is classified as a strong acid. Slightly stronger than stomach acid, HCl is not particularly corrosive to organic materials. It can still cause skin burns, damage eyes, or cause respiratory irritation. While we advise against it, if you proceed, please carefully read and follow the Hazardous Communication Standard that should be delivered at time of purchase. Please request one if a copy has not been made available.

The next challenge for DIY epoxy finishing is mixing the resin with the hardener. The mixing ratio between these is rarely 1:1 and some manufacturers have made great strides in reduced drying times. This means an improperly mixed batch may never harden, which is a clean-up problem. The material might also dry faster than you’re able to apply it and you’re left with a great paint roller and bucket gag prop and a story about that one-time when you were refinishing the garage.

If you genuinely want the job done correctly, the only reliable option is to hire a professional like EmeraldPro Painting or the next guy in your Google search. This is one job where experience matters. The pros have access to premium, professional-grade quality epoxy products and the expert skills, tools, and safety training needed to do the job right, the first time.

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