Best Colors To Achieve that Country Living Vibes to Your Home in Greenville, SC

Modern country living vibes have become a popular trend these days.

Not only do they bring a unique look to your entire home, but they also positively affect mood.

Gone are when country living was associated with farmhouse furniture, botanical and floral elements, and classic decors.

In this era, country living vibes is great as it brings some contemporary vibe to them.

If you want to achieve that country-living vibe within your home, here are the best colors to achieve that country-living vibes to your home in Greenville, South Carolina.

1. Blue

Blue can never go out of style, and it is one of the most popular colors when it comes to keeping your home with that country-living vibe. ‘

It is said that shades of blue can affect mood, giving you the feeling of tranquility, serenity, and centralization.

Not only that, but the color blue also helps clear the mind, lowers bloody pressure, and steady’s the breathing.

While it can be overwhelming to pick and choose the best shade of blue, it is important to note that pastel blues can be chilly and cold, whereas warmer shades of blue tend to be balanced out with your furniture and appliances.

2. Green

Green symbolizes many things a homeowner would like in his own personal space.

This color represents prosperity and is known to ease out on anxieties.

Apart from the way it affects mood, green also helps clear out the mind and presents a more calming, mind-clearing, and encourages composure.

Warmer shades of green tend to be more relaxing and are often chosen to be with muted colors such as creamy whites or beige.

They tend to be more popular in the rustic-themed house where it looks more natural, like leaves.

It provides that ‘outdoor’ feeling even though you are inside your home.

3. Purple

Although some say purple is quite bold, it depends on the house owner.

They say purple is a good idea to achieve that country living vibe as it is bold, rich, and associated with royalty and luxury colors.

Purple tones give off a more romantic feel as it sparks more vibrantly than other colors.

While having a purple in your bedroom isn’t highly recommended by designers, there are still shades of purple such as lavender or lilac that provide that soothing of the soul type of feel if you choose it in your room.

Lilac and lavender are quite relaxing and offer feelings of tranquility inside your home.

4. White

White, just like blue, is one of the most popular colors in the spectrum.

Because, why not? You can pair white with any palette, and it will be still stand out from the rest.

However, not many people are sold on the idea of having a white-colored wall as dirt and grime can be visible, but with a few cleaning and maintenance, a white wall in your home makes it more spacious and elegant.

Shades of white also evoke that feeling of purity and cleanliness, and this color represents a lot of positive things that you would like to be in your home, innocence, protection, and goodness, to name a few.

5. Pink

While some people feel it’s quite odd to have a house filled with shades of pink, it is not customary that you should fill your entire home with pink interiors.

Just a few parts of your home can be painted pink if you would like to.

It is noted that having a pink interior can induce feelings of calmness and relaxation and steers away from your mind from feelings of depression, anger, and anxiety.

It is also said that the longer you are exposed to the shade of pink, the more calming it gets.

Shades of pink is a great option for children’s room or playroom as it is quite vibrant and has that upbeat feeling where kids are notable for.

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