Benefits and Drawbacks of a Matte Finish to Kitchen Cabinets in Boise, ID

When there is a trend to home interiors, it instantly gains popularity – and you can’t help but follow what’s in, like having a matte finish paint.

A cabinet refinishing, perhaps, will not give you much thought to the finish, but did you know that you will need it down the line?

Given how kitchen cabinets are an important element, you always want to make sure that they are in good condition.

This means you need to have the best finish, and one of the paint finishes to consider is a matte finish.

With that in mind, here are the benefits and drawbacks of a matte finish to kitchen cabinets in Boise, ID

Pros of Matte Paint to Kitchen Cabinets 

1. Conceals Flaws 

A matte finish is what many homeowners prefer because it’s very easy to maintain.

It could hide scratches, cuts, and even nicks and flaws on the cabinet surface, making it very easy to maintain.

And if you are a busy person who can only clean your kitchen cabinets once in a blue moon, then matte finishes could always be your best option.

2. Excellent Choice for Country or Traditional Style Kitchens 

Matte finishes can also be your best option if you have a soft look kitchen with subtle reflections, soft colors, and edges.

This finish is an excellent choice if you want more traditional or country style kitchen cabinets.

The matte would highlight the wood grain with its delicate color variations.

3. Looks Clean 

Since matte finishes could help conceal flaws, you should know that they’re easier to clean because they are not prone to fingerprints and scratches.

It’s probably best to go with matte finishes if you have pets or kids because surely, they would like to keep playing with your cabinets.

4. Affordable 

Matte finishes are more affordable, but it doesn’t mean that you need to compromise the quality of your cabinet.

The good thing is, there’s already a wide variety of laminates that are affordable today.

5. Looks Flatter and Creates Texture 

Lastly, homeowners prefer matte finishes to kitchen cabinets because it doesn’t reflect light that can be “too much”, as the glossy finish.

Matte can be your way to add a bit of difference in the texture, as it gives a stunning and sleek look to add sophistication to your kitchen.

Cons of Matte Paint to Kitchen Cabinets

1. Does not Prevent Scratches 

As mentioned above, matte finishes are better than other finishes when concealing spills and scratches.

And though matte finishes conceal scratches, you should know that it does not prevent them at all.

It can’t prevent the issues of scratches, for it can only make them less obvious, and it could lead to grease, oil, and some materials building up that may require you to clean it thoroughly if not being maintained.

2. Does not Reflect Light

Cabinets with matte finishes never reflect light but just absorbs it, which is why it could make the kitchen room look smaller.

If you choose dark shades for your matte painted cabinets, it could probably turn the kitchen darker.

3. Cleaning can Also be Difficult

Though matte finishes can be easy to clean, it would be challenging to do when you just leave the streaks behind.

On that note, matte finishes could slightly absorb stains permanently, making it hard to clean in the future, and would take a lot of work to keep hiding its imperfections.

4. Prone to Oils and Smudges 

When you’re in the kitchen, you can’t always keep your hands clean, as oils and grease are often used in kitchens.

And since oils and grease are shiny, they could probably stand out against the contrasting matte surface.

That said, oily smudges are noticeable on matte cabinets, and you don’t want that on your kitchen, as it may look frustrating to the eyes.

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