7 Tips for Cabinet Refinishing of a Nursery Room in Charlotte, NC

Without a doubt, a dull-looking and pale-colored nursery can be quite unappealing to kids and babies if you were to ask them, right?


That’s why cabinet refinishing of a nursery is an ideal part of the entire place if you want to make your nursery vibrant-looking as well as appealing for them.


Refinishing is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate a cabinet that has been dulled by the hands of time. It is also a cost-effective way to revitalize the entire place without shelling out some hefty amounts of cash.


If you want to refinish your cabinets to make them more enticing to your children and babies, then you have yourself a treat as you will be learning out ways to refinish your cabinets in your nursery.


With that in mind, here are the seven tips for cabinet refinishing of a nursery room in Charlotte, NC.


1. Always Be Patient


Whenever you go for cabinet refinishing, always remember to be patient. We know you want to get things done fast but bear with it in the meantime.


Being hasty means going for a rash decision that may often lead to failure. That’s why if you opt for a better outcome, always plan things and don’t rush things. Things like cabinet refinishing take time.


2. Glossy Paints Are the Best


Glossy paints make the entire cabinet shiny and appealing. That’s why if you want to get the nursery room cabinets a brand-new look, then going for glossy paint is a no-brainer.


Another thing is that glossy paints tend to resist moisture, spills, and dirt as well as it makes cleaning a tad easier than flat paint.


Furthermore, if you were able to use flat paint and want a better outcome, applying varnish or a clear coat goes along in keeping the moisture-resistant as well as a shinier outcome.


3. Remove Excess Objects


If you want to leave no stone unturned, the best thing to do whenever you refinish your cabinet is to remove any hinges, door locks, and other hardware.


It’s quite untidy to see when hinges get covered in paint unevenly or spots that are not yet fully painted. That’s why keeping your cabinets free from these nuances makes a great outcome.


Keeping your nursery cabinets free from any object that may affect the entire outcome offers cute-looking cabinets.


4. Double Check Any Defects 


It will be a waste of time refinishing your cabinets if they don’t serve their purpose. Before applying paint, always check for crevices, cracks, holes, or dents.


In this way, you get to ensure that you have addressed everything from the start to avoid any unnecessary hiccups along the way.


Double-check whether hinges are still functioning or the foundation of the cabinet is up to par with the standards.


5. Sand Lightly


To achieve a professional-looking coat for your cabinets, don’t go overboard when it comes to sanding your cabinet. An accumulation of dust can easily settle in with the primer or the paint when it dries.


To achieve a desirable outcome, always sand in between coatings. In this way, you don’t have to deal with sand particles, or better yet, use a vacuum cleaner to remove excess dust.


6. Filling Open Grain


There are certain types of cabinets made out of wood that have grains in them; the best example is oak wood.


Whenever you paint various types of wood that are quite porous, it tends to show up when the paint is dried, and it looks pretty uneven.


Although it is okay to leave the grains showing, a smoother and grain-free-looking wood is good to see when it is done properly. Make sure to apply several coats of primer to achieve this.


7.  Grease Off


An accumulation of grease can greatly affect the adhesion of the paint to your cabinets. That’s why cleaning your nursery cabinets with a grease-cutting solution such as TSP or dishwashing liquid goes a long way.


Scrub your cabinets with it and rinse them afterward. Once done, you will have an easier time applying paint without adhesion problems.

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