7 Things to Consider for a Dormitory Room Cabinet Refinishing in Nashville, TN

A dormitory room cabinet plays an important role, that’s why keeping them up to date goes a long way in terms of how the entire dormitory room looks.

Painting cabinets may sound like an easy task for you to make, but it is not.

It may require a few experiences and expertise to get the job done professionally.

But if you are hard-pressed not to hire a professional to do it for you for various reasons, then you have yourself to go at it.

With that in mind, here are seven things to consider for a dormitory room cabinet refinishing in Nashville, TN.

1. Practicality Goes A Long Way

In terms of integrity and overall look, and you may want to consider the durability of your paint.

Whenever you refinish your cabinets, see to it that your painter or yourself coat it two times to stretch the look’s longevity.

Coating twice also secures that no moisture and water can seep into the cabinets that may cause mold formation.

Whenever you purchase your paint, be sure that it is made of high-quality polyurethane coatings as it can provide stunning quality as well as solid durability.

2. Make The Most Out Of Every Cabinet

If you don’t want any unnecessary budget splurged on various things, inspect whether your cabinets still meet your expectations in terms of viability and integrity.

Most cases of cabinet refinishing result in overbudget because of these things, check whether your cabinets are still working, door hinges work well, and many more.

If issues can’t be resolved or are unsalvageable, you might just want to replace the entire cabinet rather than refinish it

3. Always Get A Good Paint

Investing in good paint goes a long way in terms of the overall outcome of your cabinet refinishing.

You want your paint to stand the test of time and result in a stunning piece of art.

Although a good paint price can go through the roof, it is important to have a good one to have a more professional outcome if you are doing it all by yourself.

4. Sand, Sand, and More Sand

Refinishing cabinets mean returning them to life.

When a dormitory cabinet has plenty of years, it might have various scratches, cracks, or stains.

Sanding is the best way to cut costs and still result in a wonderful finish.

Be sure to send them to the smoothest level possible to have a flawless result.

However, if there are a lot of areas that need sanding, you may want to opt for an electric sander to get the job done easily.

5. Take Everything Apart

Doors, hinges, and other hardware should be removed if you start painting them.

Painting over them may result in a bad-looking cabinet.

In worst cases, painting over them may chip or crack the paint.

Remove everything from the cabinet and leave the cabinet to its barest level.

It is also another way of getting things removed that you are no longer using.

6. Clean Everything

Before painting starts, it is important to clean every surface intended for painting.

Get a damp cloth and slowly run through the entire surface, leaving no traces behind.

To get the best possible outcome, you can also use a degreasing agent to ensure everything is clean and well.

Don’t just clean the insides, and you have the clean everything out, whether the hinges, doors, or if you have glass doors, clean them too.

7. Don’t Skip Labeling

Once removing them, you might find it hard to mix and match what parts, right?

That’s why never skip labeling and risk mixing and matching different kinds of components with your cabinets with the help of a pen and tape.

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