7 Room Prep Tips You Should Know Before Painting In Boise, ID

Preparing to paint your room is just as important as the paint job itself.

That’s why whether you’re an amateur or a professional, knowing how to properly prep a room is one of the things you should have a significant amount of knowledge about.

That doesn’t mean you have to go above and beyond for your prep.

Getting the fundamentals down is a good way to start good painting habits!

If you want to ensure your painting project has the best results, 7 Room Prep Tips You Should Know Before Painting In Boise, ID

1. Set Aside Some Prep Time

Preparing to paint or repaint your interior takes up a significant amount of time.

You have first to understand that prepping the rooms you’ll be painting can’t and isn’t supposed to be rushed.

Allow 1-2 days for preparation before you start painting.

Painting and preparing to paint takes up a considerable amount of time, but your patience will surely pay off!

2. Wear Your PPE

In any activity you do, you should always think about your safety.

Some paints have volatile organic compounds or VOCs that could emit into the air and cause health problems.

Protect yourself by wearing personal protective equipment like gloves and a face mask.

As an added safety measure, make sure the room you’ll be working in is properly ventilated to allow for VOCs to leave the room naturally and for the paint to dry quicker.

3. Gather Your Materials

Set aside the items and other furniture you won’t need, and make sure to gather the materials you need.

You wouldn’t want to go back and forth looking for a specific can of paint or scratching your head looking for a cloth to wipe with.

It’ll save you a lot of time and headaches when you know exactly where your materials are placed.

4. Pick Out Colors

It’s always a given that you should already have a couple of colors in mind for the paint you want to use.

To help you decide, always remember that lighter colors will always make a room feel and look more spacious and airy.

On the contrary, dimmer colors do the opposite.

5. Choose The Right Paint Finish

Of course, you should pair the right paint with the right finish.

There are a lot of different finishes ranging from the flattest mattes to the most lustrous glosses.

These finishes don’t only vary in glossiness solely for cosmetics, though, and you can directly tell which are the most durable types depending on how glossy a finish is.

Matte and flat paint finishes have a nice texture but are the least durable and should only be used in areas with little foot traffic, like bedrooms.

It’s also fantastic for concealing any flaws your walls, ceilings, or furniture might have.

Semi-gloss and high-gloss type finishes are the best in terms of durability, which are perfect for home areas with higher foot traffic, such as kitchens.

Glossier finishes also make cleaning much easier, but imperfection may be more obvious due to its high sheen.

6. Inspect and Repair

When you’re satisfied with planning for your painting project, you can’t go into coating your walls with paint just yet.

Check first to see if your room has any problem areas.

Search for rotten wood, old flaky paint, or holes in the wall.

Once you get these out of the way, you’re good to go!

7. Prime Your Work Area

Priming the surface, you’ll be working on is considered the final step of prepping and the first step of painting.

Paint primers can be considered a base coat for your paint, and they also conceal any permanent stains or imperfections.

Priming the surface of your walls or ceilings is necessary to ensure your paint applies evenly and smoothly.

It makes the paint adhere to the surface better and adds an extra layer of protection too.

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