7 Painting Tips to Have a Flawless Finish to Your Kitchen in Nashville, TN

Painting your kitchen is not an easy task, especially if you want that flawless finish.

It requires the right amount of tools and knowledge to get the job done easily and flawlessly.

A perfectly-painted kitchen is quite a different feeling in terms of satisfaction and fulfillment, and it makes the entire kitchen look clean and in tiptop shape.

Planning to paint your kitchen not only makes your already dull-looking kitchen look brand-new but is also a cheaper way to redecorate without having to splurge large sums of money.

If you want to paint your kitchen flawlessly, here are some painting tips to learn to achieve a professional outcome.

With that in mind, here are the seven painting tips to have a flawless finish to your kitchen in Nashville, TN.

1. Clean And Dry

To achieve a smooth finish, you must first clean your walls and other furniture that you are about to paint as clean and dust-free as possible.

Use a damp cloth aided with some beeswax to help gather up some dust particles and debris.

Run it through the entire place that is to be painted and its surrounding areas.

2. Tape To Secure

Taping the entire area that doesn’t include in the paint job will truly catapult the result differently.

It will give you a close to the professional outcome and give you less hassle and headaches in the future.

Apply the tape and ensure a tight seal so that no paint can seep into the surface as well as drips.

Furthermore, allow the paint to dry fully before taking out the tape.

3. Primer Goes A Long Way

Although the primer is not needed, it goes a long way when you prime rather than painting it directly.

However, if you want a flawless finish, a primer goes a long way, to say the least, if you are aiming for a professional outcome.

A primer helps in aiding a smoother finish and hiding any imperfections around the surface.

One coat of high-quality primer is more than enough for any surface to make it stand out.

4. Double Coating

Painting is a tedious job, it takes a different process, and you might be tempted to call it a day after just one coating.

However, that’s not the case if you are out there wanting that professional finish; re-coating the first coat will give the paint a different kind of glow and achieve a picture-perfect finish.

5. Dry It Out First

Homeowners who paint their kitchen may quickly conclude that the paint is fully dry after a few days, however, some may be quick to judge and deem it dry and coat it again.

For the best results, allow your paint to completely dry after a few days before coating again.

Drying time depends on the composition of the paint, weather, and environment.

Although a traditional paint can fully dry for 4 to 6 hours, it is better to wait a full day to dry it out.

6. Important Tools

You may be quick to conclude that a paintbrush is more than enough to get the job done; however – that’s not the case.

Having the important tools at your disposal will make it easier to have a professional outcome.

To get the smoothest finish possible, say goodbye to the paintbrush and have a microfiber roller brush instead.

Get a high-quality roller brush rather than a cheap one as it will leave brush marks and fuzz in the process.

7. Make Sure Painting Tools Are Clean

If you are reusing some of your old hardware to paint your kitchen, you will only achieve unsatisfactory results.

Using a roller brush that already has dried paint will only leave streaks and fuzzes, be sure to buy a new one and start with fresh tools as recommended by most painters.

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