7 Interesting Techniques and Ideas for Faux Painting in Bennington, NE

Faux painting is a technique where painters create nuance and texture by imitating the look of a specific surface such as striped walls, marble, granite, wood, or suede.

This technique took the world by storm for how good it can be when incorporated within the interiors of your home as well as various parts of it.

However, if you have a little idea about faux painting, relying on a few simple and interesting techniques can go a long way if you want to try it out yourself at home.

With that in mind, here are seven interesting techniques and ideas for faux painting in Bennington, NE.

1. Sponging

By far, sponging is the easiest and beginner-friendly technique of faux painting.

All you need is a sea sponge and dip it between 2 to 3 colors to achieve a more versatile and upbeat look.

Sponging is a versatile technique that can be used in any room in the house.

If you plan on using this technique, be sure to apply primer first to have a more professional outcome and have a very nice finish through and through.

2. Color Washing

Another beginner-friendly technique is color washing, commonly known as broken finish.

This technique can add depth and make it look rustic or old.

It is a very easy technique and requires a few important tools and materials.

To do this, just apply a thin layer of translucent glaze over a color base and use feathery strokes to achieve that soft and mellow finish.

The color washing technique is best used in the kitchen, storage room, or family room as it sparks a relaxing vibe as well as a soothing mood.

3. Rag Rolling

As the term implies, rag rolling implies having your old piece of rag soaked in paint and rolling it through the surface to achieve that old-leather look or a piece of an old weathered stucco.

To do this, just twist an old rag or a towel and roll it with paint on a surface to achieve that mottled look.

What makes this technique popular among painters is that you can level it out. Whether you want some boldness or subtleness, all of them can be achieved via rag rolling.

4. Crackling

Crackling is an advanced technique in faux painting that results in a weathered look.

Crackle faux painting is a popular choice among advanced painters as it can stand out and have that eye-popping result without needing many materials relying on technique alone.

This technique also uses two colors and crackle as a painting medium and varnish to create that preferred outcome.

To do this, you only have to use a roller to paint a surface that will serve as your base and let it dry.

Afterward, use the crackle and apply it to the base paint using a paintbrush, then wait for a couple of hours for the crackle to dry out.

5. Faux Granite 

Faux Granite was a technique used to copy the sophisticated look of the gemstone.

What makes granite a popular choice is that the option is limitless as long as your creativity goes, the design goes.

The process of doing the faux granite uses two techniques: speckling, sponging, and adding a glaze mixture onto the entire surface to make it look like granite—countertops, walls, and floors best complement the faux granite technique.

6. Stripes

Another popular technique for intermediate painters is the stripes technique.

As the name goes, the stripes method is a classic element popular among homeowners.

The technique is very simple, and you just have to paint alternately two different colors forming a stripe pattern.

The method deeply varies depending on your creativity, and you can make stripes of various colors and make it your personalized design.

Always use a ruler or vertical stick to border out each stripe to be evenly painted and straight.

7. Diamonds

Lastly, the diamond technique is perhaps quite difficult to achieve, as it requires careful preparation.

The diamond shape pattern could be casual and fun while keeping its elegance.

You would probably be amazed at how it would look in your bedroom, hallway, or dining room, especially when you fill them with contrasting colors.

To get more ideas about faux painting, you may consult with expert painting contractors in Bennington, NE such as EmeraldPro Painting.

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