7 Helpful Tips For Cabinet Refinishing Project in Attic Rooms in Boise, ID

Cabinet refinishing is one of the few things you can do to make the entire look of a room into a more rejuvenated one.

It is only cheap and requires you to buy a few important materials without splurging on large sums of money to buy expensive materials in the process.

If you plan on refinishing your cabinets in the attic, then most likely, you will be searching for some tips and tricks on the web just to figure out the ins and outs of it, right?

With that in mind, here are the seven helpful tips for cabinet refinishing projects in attic rooms in Boise, ID.

1. Plan Everything Out

Planning everything out means having all the right materials, paints, and materials at your disposal before starting the whole process.

Cabinet refinishing in the attic is not an ordinary task and will take time to finish.

Planning is a very crucial aspect of cabinet refinishing. If you want a more trendy setup, try scrolling the internet for great ideas and go from there.

2. Ceiling Fan

The attic is located at the topmost part of your home; having it properly ventilated goes a long way if you plan on doing some refinishing in your attic.

Installing a ceiling fan in the attic not only circulates the air flowing inside but also makes it a pleasant place to stay at home.

This is especially true whenever the summer season approaches as the temperature increases.

3. Use A Paint That Will Complement The Entire Space

Refinishing your cabinets also means changing the paint of each of them, right?

That’s why choosing the right paint color for your cabinets goes a long way when it comes to having a different yet upgraded ambiance in your attic.

Go for color schemes that aren’t too bright; stay neutral.

You can never go wrong choosing warmer textures such as creamy white, subtle gray, or even an ivory look.

Remember not to paint it white, or it will look like an operating room from a hospital.

4. Remove Doors and Drawers

To avoid bare spots when trying to repaint and refinish the entire attic, you must first remove doors, latches, drawers, and any hindrance to any of the spaces where you will likely cover with paint.

To achieve this, you must have a driller with a driver bit and carefully unscrew all the parts to make the entire place into its bare minimum.

After painting the entire place, just screw them back again.

5. Always Clean Before Refinishing

After years of sitting quietly in the attic, your cabinets should require cleaning.

From dirt, grime, handprints, grease, and debris can all add up to an already dull-looking cabinet, so you must clean everything out before repainting and refinishing the entire cabinet frame as well as the ceiling if you plan on doing it as well.

Go for a gentler and milder liquid solution that is also water-based.

6. Sanding Your Cabinets

Many people might say that sanding cabinet is one of the few things they worry about, but it is completely the other way around.

Although the attic is the least visited area of your house, it is not ideal for you not to sand your cabinets.

Sanding your cabinets is a great way to have a professional-looking paint job once could muster.

For sure, there are various uneven parts of the cabinets, and sanding them is the best way to avoid buying a new woodblock for that specific surface.

Sanding your cabinets also creates a smooth-looking paint job in the process.

7. Replacing Hardware

There are certain things in your cabinets that aren’t salvageable, and some of them need fixing as well; that’s the reason why it might be better to just replace the old ones with new ones.

And this is because some of the smallest upgrades go a long way in bringing a fresher vibe to the entire room.

A simple change like changing cabinet doors or locks can instantly feel brand new or having your drawer pulls removed and replaced with a new one.

Sometimes, it is better to replace things that try to prolong their lifespan as it won’t cut them. Cabinets can also be remodeled by replacing wooden doors with glass doors or even go old-fashion and have them stenciled.

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