7 Guidelines to Consider When Painting the Basement of Your Home in Nashville, TN

You’re probably busy with the ongoing renovation and makeover of your home’s living and storage spaces that you overlooked about painting the basement and its maintenance.

The basement space is sometimes neglected, and little did you know that this neglected space can still be versatile.

Of course, painting your basement can always make a difference in how it feels and how the space would look like.

It’s so amazing to know about what a fresh coat of paint can do when you try to spruce up the room, and the same goes for the basement.

With that in mind, here are the seven guidelines to consider when painting the basement of your home in Nashville, TN.

1. Saturated Colors for the Walls 

Your basement probably does not have natural and ample light.

However, there can be a simple solution to combat low light levels in the basement, such as bright or deep saturated paint colors.

The saturated colors for the walls are great to use on your wall to have a focal point, and while you think you should only use lighter colors to lighten a dark space, the hues can’t always release their full potential unless the lighting is bright.

2. Style for the Basement Ceiling 

The basement of your home is not truly finished until you paint its ceiling.

If you don’t paint the ceiling, it will leave your space unfinished and dull.

This why you must make the basement’s ceiling more inviting, as it’s an extension of the living room space of your home.

3. Minimize the Color Choices

While colorful places are pleasing to the eyes, having too many options for the colors of your basement wall can overpower the room.

Interior designers or painting contractors highly recommend that you use the 60-30-10 rule to always keep the basement room from having too many colors.

You can have it like this; 60% of the basement room will have a dominant color, while 30% is for the secondary color, and 10% is for the accents.

4. Adding More Light Sources

The basements have poor lighting and create a dark appearance when you don’t turn on the lights.

That’s why light paint colors for the basement usually don’t look attractive as the saturated and darker hues.

However, you can still use lighter paint colors like color white or pastels while installing better lighting.

5. Concrete Walls 

When your basement comes in concrete walls, you may use concrete paint to cover the surface.

Even though concrete paint is not as easy to use as regular paint for the wall, it could still be protected with a proper finish.

It may take over a week before the job gets done, but once it’s done, you will see how it could be so worth it.

6. Painting of Basement Brick 

You should know that bricks are usually found in the basements of older houses.

While you find it beautiful to see the exposed brick elements in your basement, later, you will see that the masonry is outdated and looks dirty.

That being said, painting the bricks exposed in your basement is always a smart idea.

You can have it in grey, white, or complementary color that will play off the other basement walls to make things look lively and bring the space into the 21st century.

7. Glossy Finish 

When you’re done painting your basement walls, you should also consider applying a finish.

A glossy finish is suited to resist moisture and stain since your basement room has a high chance of getting moist. That’s why it’s very excellent to have a glossy finish.

However, right before you apply the paint, always make sure that the area is clean and smooth to ensure that the finish will look tidy and long-lasting.

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