7 Colors to Avoid When Painting The Basement of Your Home in Bennington, NE

Most of the time, we think certain colors will complement well with a certain color; and it gets so challenging when you’re painting the basement.

And more likely than not, we guess that it won’t look good from others’ perspectives.

That’s why having to pick and choose the right color when painting the basement of your home can be quite overwhelming.

That’s why choosing the best color for your bedroom is not a simple task.

The color contributes to the entire ambiance of the room and affects emotion and mood and it ensures that your basement is a place for leisure time as well as relaxation.

With that in mind, here are the seven colors to avoid when painting the basement of your home in Bennington, NE.

1. Red

If you’re planning to make your basement a stock room or put some excess things into it, then you might need to avoid shades of red.

Red is considered a moody color in which it evokes feelings of excitement and anger.

The red color is quite bright and feels vibrant; it would be wasted if you color your basement red and see it as a stock room, right?

If you want to paint your basement with a new color and intend it to be a stock room, then opt for some pale colors like shades of gray, green, or even black.

2. Orange 

Like red, orange is a bright and vibrant color that can be painted in your basement.

If you plan on making it your stock room, then highly avoid shades of orange as it bursts with brightness as well as vitality.

Orange is an ideal color for playrooms, exercise areas, and a lot more.

Shades of orange will be wasted if painted in the basement, where it is considered the least visited area of your home.

You should pick a calming color such as peach, which looks like a paler orange.

3. Yellow

Another vibrant and bright color that is wasted when painted onto the basement, yellow, is a very lively color that stimulates your senses.

When painted in the basement, who would know how it feels when it is intended to store things, right?

Unless you are going to make it your room for relaxation or free time, avoid coloring your basement with shades of yellow.

However, if you are fond of shades of yellow, then why not choose muted shades of yellow, or, perhaps, find subtle shades of a different color.

4. Lime Green

Green is a versatile paint in terms of what it can bring to a room; however, lime green is a different thing.

Compared to green, lime green is quite vibrant, bright, and lively to look at, and it would just be wasted if painted in the basement as lesser people can even witness it.

Lime green is chosen best where it creates energy in various parts of the house, such as the kitchen or living room.

Green is the safer choice to paint a new color in your basement.

5. White

Often, you see white painted onto their bedrooms, and not in basements, right?

That is because white makes you feel light airy, as color reflects onto it.

Painting your basement room with white does not reflect any colors as it is not bound with the shade of the sun.

Another thing with shades of white is that it can clearly show you streaks, dust, grimes, and many more.

A basement room is intended for storage. Creamy white is a safer choice to make the area feel more calm and subtle.

6. Dark Brown

Although some people disagree with this, dark brown isn’t as versatile as one would think.

It can be quite troublesome to pair dark brown with various colors as it won’t easily cut it.

Shades of dark brown are better suited in the living room or the attic.

Some people feel that dark brown feels quite heavy, and it would be a terrible idea to paint the entire room with dark brown.

It is also believed that shades of dark colors make people feel unmotivated just by looking at them.

Go for a more calming shade like mochas or a lighter brown.

7. Black

Lastly, the color black is a NO-NO when painting your basement.

Knowing that your basement is dark, then coloring it with black could actually make the room darker, and can be scary to some.

However, if you plan on turning it into a theatre or movie room, then the color black is acceptable.

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