7 Best Colors for Living Rooms to Energize the Space in Your Home in Charlotte, NC

The living room is among the busiest and most visited parts of your home and having the best colors for living rooms will help uplift your mood even when things get busy.

It should contain some of the most vibrant and energetic colors as it can easily affect mood and spark creativity in anyone’s mind.

As we all know, the color affects the mood, and if chosen correctly, it has a positive effect on everyone who stays in the living room.

If you want to paint your living room that can energize the entire space and bring a different vibe and flare, we will be giving you the seven best colors for your living rooms for that energizing ambiance.

With that in mind, here are the 7 best colors for living rooms to energize the space in your home in Charlotte, NE.

1. Green

Green is often associated with nature, harmony, and renewal.

And because it symbolizes nature, green is one of the best colors for your living room to have that energizing vibe.

If your living doesn’t contain any botanical plants or any object associated with nature, then having your living room walls painted with green is the best way to go about it.

It not only spark energy but can also improve mood for its subtleness without being too bold or bright.

2. Gray

Gray is often noted as a muted color; however – shades of green across the living room make the entire area feel more spacious and serene, and elegant.

Shades of gray are often used for Scandinavian-inspired interiors, so why not make their way into your living room, right?

It is also a very versatile color in a way that you can easily pair it up with various color combinations without ruining the entire color palette of your living room.

3. Blue

Many people are fond of blue; it is just a universal color when you want to energize the room and give it a pleasant ambiance for your family members and guests.

It is also noted that having blue walls can impact mood and has a calming and soothing effect on one’s mind.

What’s great about blue is that you can choose whatever shade of blue you want, and it will be still stand out.

Shades of blue are best paired with wooden floors or any botanical colors.

Another thing is, blue feels very clean and intricate without sacrificing boldness.

4. Beige

Beige has become one of the most famous colors in recent years as it is always incorporated in Scandinavian and Nordic interior designs.

It is one of the go-to neutral colors for designers who want that subtleness and brings the best out of every piece of furniture and object in the living room.

Shades of beige are best paired with warm and muted colors such as creamy white, pale blue, and even yellow.

Having your living room painted with beige makes it feel luxurious and classy.

5. Yellow 

Yellow is often associated with the sun; that’s why having shades of yellow across the living room will surely energize and spark some fun and upbeat mood.

The vibrant shade of yellow makes it a famous color of choice for designers as it can be incorporated with various themes and the color combination.

Make sure to have your walls painted with yellow or any shades of it and pair it with creamy shades of white or red.

6. Red

Although red can be a bit too bright for some people, red is one of the few choices that are very popular among homeowners.

It doesn’t feel overly too bright nor too dull, just a little bit of in-between.

As long as you combine it well with neutral or bold colors, you are in for a treat whenever you find yourself painting your living room with shades of red.

7. Orange

Orange, of course, is an energetic color that induces enthusiasm and excitement, as well as encouraging activity.

It also communicates happiness, especially to people living in the house.

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