5 Top Colors to Brighten Up the Basement of Your Home in Greenville, SC

The basement is perhaps a part of your home that can be easily overlooked and you wouldn’t mind about the factors that would brighten up the basement.

Most of the time, basements are built without light or comfort, that’s why you would probably use it for storage; that’s why you need to choose the best colors to light up and influence well the color is chosen that fits the space.

However, when you just come up with a few touch-ups, such as upgrading the wall colors, then you can easily reinvent your basement and turn it into one of the most functional spaces in your home.

Having said that, a painting project is going to be an easy start to elevate the look and feel of the basement and make it look nice and express your personality.

With that in mind, here are the five top colors to brighten up the basement of your home in Greenville, SC.

1. Lush Blue

You probably think that the basement of your house should be painted with a lighter color to keep it from feeling like a prison cell.

The truth is, dark colors can also work well in a basement, especially when you pair it with light-colored furniture for a high-impact and high-contrast look.

2. Brilliant White 

Variations of white spread light way better than any color, as it makes the space appear larger and look brighter.

The Brilliant White can also be a good pick for your basement because it helps mimic the look of the natural light that your basement has.

It’s also very versatile since you can add different colored accessories and furnishings, as long as you keep a light palette and add a bit of comfort.

Perhaps you can go for warm off-white that will feel cozy in the space, especially to the basement, where it needs an extra amount of brightness.

3. Warm Gray

When you choose the color of your basement, you must consider how you will use the space.

If you prefer a lighter basement, the shades of grey give a warm space to create an ideal blank canvass for the décor and give a relaxing and inviting vibe.

This is also perfect if you see your basement as your second living room, and a place where you will take your visitors.

That’s why it’s ideal that you choose relaxing and soothing colors, like the warm gray.

It’s also a color that is considered to give a versatile shade and comes with blue undertones, thereby changing the mood of the room.

The warm gray is light enough to brighten the space, and it’s not industrial nor sterile, making it go beautifully with light gray accents and pearly white trim.

4. Sky Blue 

A pale shade of blue like Sky Blue calms your senses and lifts the spirits when you have this color in your basement room.

Which is why it makes it ideal for welcoming and creating a living space, but it is important that you choose a blue shade that will not overwhelm the space or even make it feel too dark.

The sky blue will always provide a color that is just enough to energize the space that will not make it overly saturated.

It livens up the palette with accessories and accents with contrasting colors.

5. Purple 

Since purple is likely associated with creativity, then it’s always a great option when deciding to paint your basement space.

Shades of purple and violet can change the mood of the room and brighten up the basement, especially when you choose deep plums, as it looks elegant and very sophisticated.

The lavender is also soothing and playful, and it makes the room livelier than its usual lonely mood since it’s built underground.

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