5 Tips When You Match Colors in the Interior Design of Your Living Room in Boise, ID

As you try to decorate your new home, color is one of the most important factors for your interior design – much more if you have it in match colors.

In case you don’t know, colors affect mood, and having the right color combination goes a long way in keeping that positive and calming vibe within the house.

It sounds easy to mix and match different colors for that vibrant room layout, but it is easier said than done.

Many people tend to get inspiration from blogs, magazines, and around the web, but it doesn’t feel yours as copying someone’s idea isn’t a fulfilling thing to do.

With that in mind, here are the five tips when you match colors in the interior design of your living room in Boise, ID.

1. Go For Neutrals

Neutral colors have taken a life of their own in the world of interior designing; it is one way of unifying your design without having to rely too much on other things such as wall decors, furniture, and a few more.

What makes neutrals a top choice is that they are simple yet affect mood in a positive and calming way.

Classic neutral colors such as black, gray, and white have become one of the most popular choices over the years; however – beige, shades of brown, botanical, and wooden tones are rising in popularity.

2. Color Wheel

If you look for tips when matching the colors of your interiors, you will find out that relying on the color wheel is one of the best options you have.

Consulting a color wheel means you visualize what colors complement well with others and what do not; the color wheel also showcases the relationship between tertiary, second, and primary colors.

If you have kids at home, going for vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, and green is a good idea. Colors such as violet, orange, and green can give you something too!

3. Monochromatic Colors

One of the easiest ways to mix and match colors is with monochromatic colors, this means taking one color, and you either have it dark, light, or subtle.

This means that when you have dark blue curtains, you can mix and match blue colors and have lighter blue furniture and pair it with a dark blue sofa.

Monochromatic colors take out various shades of one particular color, making it easier to mix and match different kinds of colors.

4. Analogous Colors

Monochromatic colors deal with one color and take different shades out of it, whereas analogous colors are taken from the color wheel next to each other.

One good example of analogous colors is yellow, gold, and orange.

The concept of analogous colors is to pick a certain color from the wheel and use its surrounding colors to match it.

It has the same idea with monochromatic colors.

However – the subtle variations make it more intriguing and spark some vibrant colors inside and out.

And remember, you can also vary the colors, not depending on the color’s surrounding colors.

You can still go monochromatic with neutral or even rustic colors.

Let your imagination take control and have a more vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere within your living room.

5. Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors

Warm colors are often associated with fall, whereas red, orange, and yellow are more vibrant and soothing.

However, some neutral colors can also be warm, such as brown, tans, botanical hues, and dead leaves and grass.

On the other side of the spectrum, the cool colors tend to be bolder and somewhat energizing.

Colors such as purple, blue, green bring that upbeat vibe to the living room.

Warmer colors are highly preferred in the living room as this area is supposed to be the part where you entertain your guests and bond with the rest of the family.

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