5 Telltale Signs Your Kitchen Cabinets Need To Be Repaired In Nashville, TN

The kitchen is one of the most essential areas of the home.

We store and cook our food and even gather with family in the kitchen at times.

As such, regular maintenance is a must.

Kitchen cabinets play a big role in how we store and organize kitchenware and other food items.

Be it due to busy life or just the age of the home; your kitchen cabinets could sometimes be susceptible to damage.

If left alone for long enough, you might need to make costly replacements.

Good thing that you can find signs of damage early on and then get them repaired as soon as possible.

With routine inspections and responsible homeownership, you can prolong the life of your kitchen cabinets.

To check whether your kitchen cabinets need to be updated, here are 5 Telltale Signs Your Kitchen Cabinets Need To Be Repaired In Nashville, TN.

1. Moldy Spots

Lots of mold, mildew and microbes love to grow in dark and damp environments, making your cabinets unwilling candidates for their home.

Mold is notoriously infamous for rapidly spreading in kitchen cabinets and speeding up the decay of the wood.

Mold deteriorates the integrity of the wood and puts your family’s health at risk.

It could lead to irreversible damage if not dealt with right away.

Minor cases of mold can, fortunately, be easily cleaned and removed, especially if found early on.

2. Sneaky Leaks

Water damage is another common problem homeowners face when it comes to kitchen cabinet repair and maintenance.

Water leaking into your cabinets could severely damage the wood, and like mold, could lead them to rot in many cases.

Leakages could even be a cause of mold problems if not caught in time.

The real problem doesn’t lie in your cabinets themselves but in the plumbing close to it.

To remedy this, first, track down the pipe that is the source of the leak problems and fix that, and then proceed to dry out your cabinets.

3. Annoying Scratches

Have you ever noticed little nicks and scratches all over your cabinets?

The ones that are too few to call for a replacement but too obvious that they generally lower the quality and beauty of your cabinets?

A touch-up marker filled with stain and apply it over the scratches to fill them in is all you need to fix this problem.

Scratches tend to absorb more stain, so make sure to use a lighter stain to do the job.

4. Bent Slides

Bent or worn-out drawer slides won’t turn, even with the help of lubricants.

People may think that their drawers are no good after this and replace the entire thing, but fixing this problem is as easy as removing the damaged slides and replacing them with similar ones.

You can find slides for a very affordable price at home centers or hardware stores.

Replacing the slides instead of the whole drawer is undoubtedly more cost-savvy, easier, and definitely smarter than remodeling your cabinets.

5. Damaged Drawers

You might think having wavy or bent drawer bottoms warrant a complete replacement.

Or maybe you noticed that your cabinet drawers had been slowly coming apart.

Before your drawers completely fall apart, you can stick them back together using heavy-duty wood glue or epoxy.

Make sure to remove any screws, nails, or old glue before you do for a quick and easy application.

For wavy drawer bottoms, you can reinforce and keep them stiff and sturdy with some plywood.

Use good quality wood glue to stick the plywood to the bottom of the drawer and place a heavy (but not too heavy!) object on top of it until it dries to keep it from moving.


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