5 Must-Try Colors For Your Kitchen Cabinets In Charlotte, NC

The kitchen is an area families use daily, and it’s also a lot of people’s favorite spots within their homes.

This is where you prepare your food and sometimes have the family gather there as well, so making your kitchen look appealing and homely is a must.

And what better way to give it an upgrade than to spruce up your kitchen by giving your cabinets a fresh new coat of paint?

It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to make your cabinets look new without breaking the bank.

To make your cabinets really pop, here are 5 Must-Try Colors For Your Kitchen Cabinets In Charlotte, NC.

1. Baby Blues And Navy Hues

Blue is an absolutely great color if you want to give your cabinets that nice soothing ambiance without overwhelming your kitchen with color.

There are countless hues of blue that you can mix and match to create beautiful combinations that certainly will not disappoint you or your guests.

Light blues such as baby or powder blue can give relaxing effects so you can cook comfortably in your kitchen.

Darker blues such as navy is also an excellent choice if you want your kitchen to look trendy with a touch of elegance.

Blues work well when paired with other colors too, such as grays or whites.

2. All Green And Natural

Though it isn’t the first thing that would come to mind when thinking of color for your kitchen cabinets, green is definitely another color you would want to check out.

With shades ranging from subdued and minute to bright and bold, you’ll surely be satisfied with going green.

Green shades such as sage, olive, emerald, or avocado if you want something nature-inspired or if you want your kitchen to look romantic and playful.

Along with creams and beiges, more subtle greens are a favorite go-to color for many people as well.

3. Refreshing Citrus

Citrusy colors such as orange and yellow can be fun and refreshing colors for your kitchen cabinets.

These colors manage to give off a bright and exciting atmosphere and would surely make you feel cheerful and optimistic.

Interestingly enough, orange and yellow shades have been proven to boost our mood for a meal, and fast-food chains are known to use these colors along with red to make patrons stop by to eat.

With that said, these summer colors are for sure one of the best choices for your kitchen cabinets!

4. Save The Day With Greige!

The calmness of beige and the sleekness of gray are two beautiful shades every homeowner should put into consideration when giving their kitchen cabinets a glow-up.

If you only want to have one solid color for your kitchen, you don’t have to go back and forth between these two colors.

Lucky for you, greige is the perfect combination of gray and beige for your kitchen cabinet color needs!

It comes at the right amount of neutral and is muted enough that your kitchen will feel sophisticated without looking tacky.

5. Paint It Right With White

White is a timeless classic for any room in your home, and that goes for your kitchen cabinets as well.

White comes in a lot of shades as well, so you wouldn’t have to worry about a boring look with white space.

Consider eggshell or off-white shades to open up your space without making it look too bright.

White isn’t only a popular choice for its aesthetics, but it also helps make your kitchen look neat and clean.

White shades help you spot dirty areas, so it would make cleaning easier and faster.


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