5 Indications That Your Bathroom Cabinets Need Improvement in Charlotte, NC

The bathroom is the place of solitude in the house, that’s why many people start their day in the bathroom and always see to it if their cabinets need improvement.

That’s why keeping your bathroom well-maintained goes a long way in terms of providing relaxation, solemnity, as well as tranquility.

Cabinets in the bathroom are easily one of the furniture that can easily deteriorate as moisture can easily seep into the wood as well as aids in the formation of mold.

When your cabinets start to develop some wear and tear due to the rigors of living with water and moisture, then they will most likely exhibit cracks and crevices.

If you want to know the indications that your cabinets need improvement, we have everything for you below.

1. Water Damage

If your bathroom cabinets have uneven spaces, doors not closing fully, or have dark-colored spots, then it is a tell-tale sign that it has gone through water damage.

Since most bathroom cabinets are made out of wood, the likelihood of it occurring in your cabinets is inevitable.

These cabinets are exposed to water and moisture than any other furniture in the house as they are often associated with water when placed in the bathroom.

Because of this, bathroom cabinets are often maintained to be at their optimal usable level.

Signs of water damage include:

  • Warping of the wooden materials
  • Peeling of the laminate
  • Bubbling parts of the cabinets
  • Appearance of molds
  • Do not close fully

2. Poor In Functionality

If your cabinet’s functionality diminishes, such as being able to store valuables, keeping it safe and secure as well as not entirely living up to your expectations, then this might be one of the most obvious indications that your bathroom cabinets need replacement or an upgrade.

If it makes it hard for you to pull out the door or close, then you might have to replace the latch or even the door.

Cabinet refinishing is the best way to go around it if you ask many people.

However, if your cabinets are quite hard to access or function efficiently, the whole purpose is quite defeated.

If you don’t know where to start, make sure to hire a professional.

3. Brittle Structure

Before you start spending on materials to reface your bathroom cabinets, it is important to check any underlying issues, such as the attachments of the cabinets from the wall.

In some instances, the cabinets may be lying far from the actual attachments, so it would be a good idea to get a good look from the inside and outside.

If the cabinets are also attached to wooden material, you might want to check if there are any formation of molds as well as dampness from the corners to check whether it is still a good idea to refinish the cabinets or just replace them with new ones.

Bathroom cabinets suffer from excessive exposure to steam, water, and moisture.

As a result, the cabinets’ overall integrity and attachment can weaken over time.

4. Bathroom Cabinets Look Outdated

One of the impelling signs to improve your cabinets is how they look from the outside.

When your cabinets don’t look as appealing as before, it might be time to improve them by giving them new colors to rejuvenate their look.

A newly-painted cabinet can give your bathroom a whole new and refreshing look without the need to splurge large amounts of money in the process

5. Wear and Tear is Evident

Although your cabinets are still functioning the way they should be, maybe their integrity has started to diminish due to wear and tear and being exposed to moisture, water, and steam.

When this problem arises, then changing a few features can go a long way, especially with the hinges, doorknobs, or latches.

It is a cost-efficient way to still refinish your cabinets without changing them.

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