5 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Mistakes to Avoid in Boise, ID

If you try to look at it, kitchen cabinet refinishing seems very easy until you do it yourself.

Thanks to the internet that makes it look so easy, as it teaches you how to sand, paint, and you’ve already done with the project of having a new kitchen to come home to.

But the truth about the situation can be a lot different; that’s why homeowners like you do it the wrong way that would result in disappointing results and will have a negative impact on the value of your home.

The good thing is, there are ways to avoid it, especially if you are only doing it on your own; you only have to be aware of the common mistakes so you will avoid them.

With that in mind, here are five DIY kitchen cabinet refinishing mistakes to avoid in Boise, ID.

1. Rushing the Process 

While you want to finish the cabinet refinishing and painting project ahead of time, you should be aware that it is not a job that could be finished only over the weekend.

It takes a great deal of time, and it is more involved since it’s for cabinets placed in an exposed area of your home.

From cleaning to labelling, sanding, and priming, to painting and cleaning up again, there are a lot of steps needed to do that would take days to complete.

That said, you should be prepared and spend time on the project within 4-7 days of completion if you want to finish the job properly and right.

2. No Proper Preparation 

One of the golden rules to have a successful DIY cabinet refinishing is preparation.

Yes, you need to prepare, and you should start with cleaning the surfaces, so you will remove the excess dust right before you do anything else.

You also need to wipe off all the cabinet layers using a grease remover and let it dry afterwards right before applying paint.

This can be a tricky step because you don’t see any grease on the surfaces of the cabinet.

And when you add water-based paint to the oil-covered odor, the paint will not just stick, and it will give you a big mess on your hands.

3. Not Picking the Right Color

In any DIY Cabinet Refinishing project, you must already decide on the desired color.

A lot goes into this project, and there are many considerations to make for it is not a kind of job that you will just redo any time soon if you are not happy about the result.

You should consider how it will change the ambiance of your kitchen, and the color of the walls play a big role in this, as it influences the rest of the room.

That’s why it is important to take time in making a decision and perhaps take a few tests of colors before you start with the project.

4. Painting the Cabinets without Detaching 

Perhaps you’re thinking about saving time by leaving your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers attached to the hardware.

You should know that this will likely end up having a sloppy outcome, as hinges and hardware that are painted immediately could show signs of wear that may peel and crack right away.

You must be aware of this, as saving yourself from headaches is way better than saving time and shortcutting the process.

5. Not Using Any Primer 

It is important that you use a primer in the process since it covers any flaws that your cabinet doors have.

Using a primer is always a good idea right before painting, especially for kitchen cabinets, where moisture usually builds up because it gives them a fresh start.

You may also use the stain-blocking primer to ensure that your kitchen cabinets have a smooth and solid finish.

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