5 Commercial Property Painting Tips In Knollwood, SC

Having and maintaining a presentable commercial building is essential for your business.

It’s one way of attracting and leaving a good impression on your customers.

How you take care of your company reflects in the way you take care of your commercial property.

A good paint job will freshen up the look of your building – especially the interior – and set the mood for your business.

Planning for a commercial property painting project may seem like a daunting task.

But with the right outlook partnered with a reliable painting contractor, your project will be a guaranteed success!

If you’re a business owner or manager who wants to update the look of your commercial property, here are 5 Commercial Property Painting Tips In Knollwood, SC.

1. Map Out A Thorough Plan

Every successful commercial painting job is backed by a very well-put and thoroughly-prepared plan.

You have to consider multiple important things, such as the budget, the schedule, and the scope of the painting project.

Take ample time to properly work out the best painting schedule that would least hinder normal business operations.

You can discuss this matter with qualified professional painting contractors so that they can help you figure out an estimate and timeframe for the project.

Once you’ve finalized your plans, you can give the go signal to clear out and clean the workspace and get the job started.

2. Let Your Employees And Customers Know About The Project

It’s always a good thing to establish proper communication with your employees and customers.

Make sure to inform your employees and customers about the schedule of the painting project beforehand.

Proceeding with a painting project without advance notice may cause frustration or damage your relationship with them.

Your employees, customers, or tenants need to make their own preparations as well.

Some of them may have specific allergies to paint or may have to rearrange their work schedules to accommodate the project.

3. Pick Out The Right Color Scheme

Colors can make or break your commercial property look, so you should pick out the paint colors for the project carefully.

Certain colors can reinforce your brand and even encourage your customers to purchase your products and services.

Some colors can stimulate productivity and focus – which would be helpful for your employees.

It would be best if you also thought about how your customers will perceive the colors of your interior.

Will the color scheme you choose catch their attention, overwhelm them, or bore them?

Try looking into color theory and color psychology so you can get an idea of which colors to consider and which to avoid.

Discuss paint color options with your painting contractor so you can settle on the best colors for your business.

4. Always Use Primer!

In any painting project – whether that be residential, commercial, or industrial – using a primer is a must.

Using a paint primer is key to ensuring excellent paint job results.

Priming allows for the paint to adhere to the surface of the walls or ceiling better.

It almost always leaves an even and smooth finish and covers any permanent stains or flaws on the surface.

If you want your new paint job to last for a long time, definitely remember to prime before painting!

5. Organize A Final Walkthrough

To ensure the whole project goes well, you should conduct a final walkthrough with a painting contractor.

Doing this helps you get a clear idea of the entire process, costs, and how long things would take to finish.

It would help if you were sure to inspect for any repairs that need to be done before anything else, as overlooking these may cost you.

You should do a post-project walkthrough as well to acknowledge the completion of the project.


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