Epoxy Is The Perfect Solution For Floor And Counter Top Issues

One of the most formidable challenges a homeowner faces is maintaining the beauty of floors and countertops throughout their home. Everyday wear and tear take its toll, and before you know it, you have scratches, cracks, discoloration, stains, and unevenness. These unsightly blemishes leave your flooring and counter surfaces looking less than their best, despite your best efforts to keep them looking new. Having unattractive flooring and counters does more than give off a negative impression. It diminishes your satisfaction and pride of homeownership, often impacting how you and your family feel about socializing by having visitors and guests in your home. Plus, it can significantly devalue your home and make it much harder to sell if that ever becomes an option. In fact, studies show that one of the first things a potential home buyer looks at is the condition of floors and countertops. It can be one of the most significant selling points of all—or one of the worst deterrents.

There are additional downsides to those flooring and countertop imperfections as well. They render those surfaces highly vulnerable to moisture penetration, water damage and pest infestation. Uneven, marred surfaces are a haven for dirt, debris, germs, and mold to build up, making cleaning and sanitation much more difficult. Perhaps worst of all, those small nicks, scratches, and cracks eventually turn into bigger ones, and unless something is done about it, the damage continues to accumulate and worsen. An unappealing situation can quickly become a hazardous one.

So, that leads us to the question of what you can do about it. One of the best solutions to this problem is the application of epoxy. Epoxy is the perfect way to protect new floors and countertops to keep them looking great and is a terrific way to repair and improve old, imperfect flooring and countertops and give them a refreshing new look.

What Is Epoxy?
Epoxy is a thick, hard, and glassy-smooth resin that can be applied as a coating to flooring and countertops. It works on virtually any surface, including wood, linoleum, tile, ceramic, concrete, and more. It fully seals the surface, penetrating, and bonding with the material and filling the imperfections to create a new, incredibly durable finish that is scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, and shock-resistant. As a result, your floors and countertops will have a stunning new finish that is impervious to moisture, won’t crack, doesn’t stain, and prevents dirt or bacteria to cling to its surface. Cleaning becomes a breeze, your home’s value goes up, and future maintenance worries disappear.

A Hot Trend And Enduring, Classic Look
If that sounds like a win-win solution, you are exactly right. Perhaps that’s why epoxy-treated flooring and countertops are more popular than ever. In fact, it’s the current “hot” choice among home buyers, architects, and interior designers around the world right now for both homes and businesses. From the attic, throughout your home, to the garage and basement, epoxy coating for your floors and countertops is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make. It’s not just a fad—epoxy adds class, elegance, and modern flair that is as enduring and timeless as it is trendy. It complements any design scheme and even comes in a variety of colors to suit your style and preferences.

Not A Good Fit For DIY Projects
If you decide you’d like to add epoxy-coated flooring and countertops to your home or business, a word of caution, however. Epoxy application is a highly technical process that requires training, special tools and materials, and safety precautions. While “DIY” might seem like a viable option, it can be a frustrating, often-unsuccessful endeavor for even the most skilled DIYers, with results varying from unacceptable to disastrous and expensive. If you genuinely want the job done correctly, the only reliable option is to employ the services of a professional installer. The pros have access to premium, professional-grade quality epoxy products and the expert skills, tools, safety training, and experience needed to produce optimal results.

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